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About Vampire Facials

Every blood cell in a person is full of natural healing and regenerative properties that when properly applied, can be used to improve the health and appearance of the skin. The Vampire Facial creates a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) serum out of a patient's own blood that can be combined with microneedling to stimulate the production of nutrients that will strengthen and rejuvenate their complexion. A minimally invasive procedure with no downtime and natural-looking results, the Vampire Facial is a wonderful treatment for patients who want to stave off signs of aging and those who want to revive the radiance of their skin without surgery. Schedule a consultation at Refine Medical Spa in Southlake, TX to learn more about the Vampire Facial and the benefits of PRP to the skin.

Ideal Candidates

The Vampire Facial can help men and women of all ages who want to prevent or correct signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and a rough texture. Other skin concerns that may be improved with the Vampire Facial are scars, large pores, acne, and stretch marks. The Vampire Facial is a minimally invasive, nonsurgical treatment that is great for patients who are not ready or do not want a surgical facelift. Patients who have had a surgical facelift may want to refresh their results with the Vampire Facelift.

What to Expect

After a thorough consultation, each patient's custom treatment plan for the Vampire Facial is created. On the day of treatment, the patient will relax in a treatment room as a topical numbing cream is applied to the areas of the face, neck, and hands that are being treated. The technician will then take a small amount of blood from the patient that will be prepared into the PRP serum. Once the numbing cream is effective, the technician will perform the microneedling to create tiny injuries and the PRP serum will be evenly applied over the skin. Patients may have some redness or irritation in the treated areas for up to 1 day after the treatment, but they are able to resume normal activities.

Anticipated Results

Immediately after the treatment, most patients notice an improvement in the tone and texture of their complexion. The appearance and health of the skin will continue to improve over 6 – 12 months as the added collagen and elastin production shows effects. Patients may consider scheduling a series of Vampire Facials to see continued results and benefits in their skin.

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Natural Strength and Radiance

Improve the health and appearance of your complexion with the Vampire Facial at Refine Medical Spa in Southlake, TX. Using the best components of your own blood, the professionals at Refine Medical Spa can help your skin look more radiant as you enjoy a smoother skin texture and a more even skin tone. Schedule a consultation to learn more about the Vampire Facial and other rejuvenating treatments we offer.

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