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About Earlobe Repair

Just like the skin of the face and body, the earlobes can show signs of age and damage as the skin's natural supply of collagen and elastin become depleted. Many people begin to notice the skin of the ears sags and develops wrinkles over time that causes them to look older and also makes it more difficult for the earlobes to hold up heavy earrings. At Refine Medical Spa in Southlake, TX we perform nonsurgical earlobe repair and rejuvenation using injectable dermal fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane. These fast, simple dermal filler treatments can improve the appearance of the ears and strengthen the earlobes, so patients can wear dangling earrings again with confidence.

Ideal Candidates

Nonsurgical earlobe rejuvenation at Refine Medical Spa can help patients who want to repair damage from wearing large earrings. Earlobe treatments can also smooth wrinkles and prevent future damage by strengthening the ear lobes. During the initial consultation, the patient should go over their needs and concerns so their injector can develop a customized treatment plan with the best brand of dermal filler for their goals.

What to Expect

Nonsurgical earlobe repair can be performed quickly in one of our procedure rooms without numbing cream or local anesthesia. After the Refine team member cleans the earlobe, the selected dermal filler will be injected into the earlobes. Most patients notice no side effects and are able to continue their normal activities immediately after their treatment.

Anticipated Results

Most patients see improvements right away from their earlobe repair procedure that last for several months (depending on the dermal filler used during the treatment). Patients should talk to their injector about how often to schedule treatment to maintain their results. Over time, patients may see their results last longer between injections.

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Rejuvenate Your Ears

Learn more about a lobe lift at Refine Medical Spa in Southlake, TX to rejuvenate and strengthen your earlobes with injectable dermal fillers. Nonsurgical earlobe repair can give you long-lasting improvements so you can wear your favorite chandelier earrings again.

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