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About Sculptra

When skin ages and loses collagen, many injections do a great job of replacing lost volume and filling in lines and wrinkles, but some lose their effect within a year. For a long-lasting and biocompatible solution to the deep wrinkles and lines, as well as hollow areas, around your mouth, nose, and in your chin, our staff at Refine MedSpa in Southlake, TX recommends the injectable Sculptra. The injectable wrinkle filler is made of poly-L-lactic acid, a synthetic gel that is soaked into the skin to diminish the lines on your face and produce an effortlessly smooth appearance. Sculptra can keep your skin smooth and naturally youthful-looking for up to 2 years. It is a filler that produces great results for a longer time period.

Ideal Candidates

Our staff at Refine MedSpa will consult with you to decide if Sculptra is the right injectable to fit your aesthetic needs. If you have moderate to deep wrinkles and strive to reduce the appearance of these aging effects around your mouth, nose, and/or chin, this filler may be the right option. While most patients who receive Sculptra are between the ages of 30 and 55, some may be younger depending on their skin problems. If you wish for results that last longer than those of its competitors, Sculptra may be for you.

What to Expect

As soon as your initial consultation is over and our staff has agreed that Sculptra is an ideal match for you, treatment can begin. The correct dosage will be verified and the injection site(s) will be determined and noted beforehand. After cleaning and prepping the treatment site(s), our well-trained injector will use a thin needle to inject the Sculptra layer by layer beneath the skin, massaging the site to ensure that the gel spreads out evenly in the appropriate areas. Since the treatment must be administered step by step, it can take an hour to complete, and usually requires a 2 week check up to ensure success.

Anticipated Results

The results of Sculptra are both fast acting and long lasting, as wrinkles begin to smooth out almost immediately after the treatment. While you may experience some moderate redness and swelling around the injection site(s), these effects usually recede in a few hours. You should be able to resume your typical schedule quickly, aside from exercise. It is also important to not apply pressure to the injection areas so that the filler can settle properly. Our staff at Refine MedSpa will provide aftercare instructions that should be followed carefully as this filler is a bit unique due to its formula. The youthful results of Sculptra can last up to 2 years after the initial treatment.

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Long Lasting, Smooth Skin

While most wrinkle fillers require demanding upkeep and ongoing touch-ups, the biocompatible filler Sculptra provides striking, vigorous results that last up to 2 years. Sculptra delivers smooth skin and reduced wrinkles while promoting the natural collagen in your body to achieve long-lasting effects. To learn more about Sculptra and the other injections we offer at Refine MedSpa, call our office today to schedule a visit.

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