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We Like Big Butts and We Cannot Lie!

Baby want back? Not all of us were blessed with a head-turning backside. Now, there’s a procedure that can step in to deliver what Mother Nature failed to deliver (or gravity has cruelly taken away): Booty beauty! If you crave a perfectly poised apple bottom, it can be yours . The best part about it? There are no scalpels, squats, or Stairmasters involved. 

What is Sculptra? 

So, Sculptra is a FDA-approved injectable dermal filler used to plump up areas of the face that have lost collagen over time. It gradually fills in wrinkles and saggy areas of the face by stimulating collagen production. It’s completely safe, has been around since 1999, and is widely used worldwide to enhance patients’ looks. One reason it’s so popular is that in some cases, the results can last up to two years!

What Exactly is a Sculptra Butt Lift?

Eventually, enterprising practitioners wondered if Sculptra could do for a flat, saggy buttocks what it has long been doing for saggy facial skin. The results were conclusive: Yes it can! 

If you decide to enhance your physical appearance with this procedure, expect to schedule anywhere from two to four treatments to get the results you desire. Each treatment takes about an hour. Your buttocks will be numbed, then the aesthetician will strategically inject Sculptra in multiple locations. The results are gradual, but obvious: you’ll get the curves you deserve! It’s all the rage amongst celebs and A-listers. Contact us at Refine Medical Spa, and you can get in on the action, too! 

Go from 0 to 100 real quick with the new Sculptra ® Butt Lift. Hollywood's secret to the perfect apple bottom is the Sculptra® Butt Lift. 

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